The seaside stories will be brought back to life by Realco, a real estate developer which, during the last decades, played its part in urban growth and in the development of dream homes, business environment, culture and communities. With our strong track record of successfully completing such projects as Siemens Arena, Ozas shopping centre and a modern Ozas Park housing estate, Realco now strives to contribute to shaping the face of Šventoji.

As a real estate developer, Realco thinks not only about the present but also about the future; thus it invests in high-quality materials and integrated architectural solutions which make each project an integral part of the urban fabric. At Realco, we believe that residential housing development is not just about the construction process. It involves everything that surrounds it. Every detail – from the façade to the outdoor bench – has to blend harmoniously with nature and bring out the best that the natural surroundings have to offer. It is only after we achieve harmonious co-existence with nature that we are able to be in harmony with ourselves. 



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