Discovering the things that resonate strongly within the core of your being, the things that fill your soul with happiness. Becoming one with nature and experiencing its glory. Learning to enjoy the little things in life which are so important. Getting to know someone living close to you and at the same time creating the history of your city. Here, every day is a new discovery. 
Six waves per minute and not a single one looks the same. I discovered this in the morning as I was drinking coffee and looking out through the window at the sea. As I was running along the shoreline with my children, trying to jump over the waves, feeling carefree. As I was watching the sailboards boldly facing the waves as they glided across the water. As I was sitting by the campfire in the evening, listening to the breaking waves as they washed against the shore. It felt like time here was measured in the crashes of the waves rather than in minutes.
Amber can be blue or bright red. I discovered this during my walks along the coast as I listened to amber hunters’ stories. As I passed my hands across the wet sand, feeling the energy it transmitted into my palms. As I was decorating my mother’s brooch with a piece of amber that I found myself. As I was playing with amber inclusions together with my children. There is nothing more precious than the gifts of nature.
Sea in winter
The sea does not freeze in winter. I discovered this when I was living here outside summer months. When I am greeted with the melody of the wind and waves in the mornings. When the trails of sand, covered in snow, stretch off into the sunset. When you take a deep breath of cold fresh air and it feels like it revives your body from head to toe. Only the sea has that magical power which makes you fall in love with winter. 
Longer days
Days are longer at the seaside. I discovered this when I realized that I was no longer need to be in a rush; that on my way home I can stop and admire the nature that surrounds me; that I can devote my evenings not only to being home, but also to my hobbies or time with my family. There are no distance or time restraints – everything is within the reach of my hand. It feels as if I am learning to live anew; to live life as if you always have time for everything. 


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